Saturday, February 08, 2014

Memphis Snow

Snow!!! Last I heard the official measurement here in Memphis was 1/2". I'm not sure they show up in this photo, but there are little chipmunk foot prints in the snow. Below are the little sparrow prints. Those do show up.


  1. I'm having a terrible time trying to leave comments here. My computer must really be frozen or at least quite cold (grin). I love that you got snow, although it is a mere drop in the bucket, so to speak. At least it made everything look so white and fresh, and allowed nature to leave her tracks.

    Now I'm off to try to get that Hepburn/Astaire trailer and dance to load/work.

    1. if there's a setting i can change to make leaving comments easier, please let me know.

      i hope the youtube video works for you.