Saturday, November 09, 2013

100 Best Foreign Films

Empire Online has a list of "The 100 Best Films Of World Cinema, The greatest films not in the English language", in order from 1-100:
Seven Samurai, 1954, Japan
Amelie, 2000, France
Battleship Potemkin, 1925, Russia
Bicycle Thieves, 1948, Italy
Pan's Labyrinth, 2006, Mexico
Battle of Algiers, 1966, France
City of God, 2002, Brazil
The Seventh Seal, 1957, Sweden
The Wages of Fear, 1953, France
Spirited Away, 2001, Japan
La Dolce Vita, 1960, Italy
Metropolis, 1927, Germany
La Regle du Jeu, 1939, France
Three Colours Trilogy, 1993-94, Poland
Let The Right One In, 2008, Sweden
Tokyo Story, 1953, Japan
The Apu Trilogy, 1955/56/59, India
Oldboy, 2003, Korea
Aguirre, Wrath of God, 1972, Germany
Y Tu Mama Tambien, 2001, Mexico
Nosferatu, 1922, Germany
Rashomon, 1950, Japan
Spirit of the Beehive, 1973, Spain
Come And See, 1985, Russia
Das Boot, 1980, Germany
La Belle et la Bete, 1946, France
Cinema Paradiso, 1988, Italy
Raise The Red Lantern, 1991, China
Les Quatres Cent Coups, 1959, France
Infernal Affairs, 2002, Hong Kong
Godzilla, 1954, Japan
La Haine, 1995, France
M, 1931, Germany
Waltz With Bashir, 2008, Israel
La Grande Illusion, 1937, France
Dekalog, 1988, Poland
Rome Open City, 1945, Italy
Ashes And Diamonds, 1958, Poland
Le Samourai, 1967, France
L'Avventura, 1960, Italy
My Neighbour Totoro, 1988, Japan
In The Mood For Love, 2000, Hong Kong
Cyrano de Bergerac, 1990, France
Ikiru, 1952, Japan
Suspiria, 1977, Italy
Jules et Jim, 1962, France
10, 2002, Iran
Downfall, 2004, Germany
M. Hulot's Holiday, 1953, France
Closely Observed Trains, 1966, Czechoslovakia
Akira, 1988, Japan
Touki Bouki, 1973, Senegal
All About My Mother, 1999, Spain
Festen, 1998, Denmark
Lagaan, 2001, India
Belle de Jour, 1967, France
Central Do Brasil, 1998, Brazil
Persepolis, 2007, Iran
Heimat, 1985, Germany
Jean de Florette / Manon des Sources, 1986, France
Knife in the Water, 1962, Poland
8 1/2, 1963, Italy
A Prophet, 2009, France
Wings of Desire, 1987, Germany
Un Chien Andalou, 1929, Spain
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, 2000, China
The Vanishing, 1988, Holland
Solaris, 1972, Russia
Ringu, 1998, Japan
Hard Boiled, 1992, Hong Kong
Persona, 1966, Sweden
Ten Canoes, 2006, Australia
Hidden, 2005, Austria
Devdas, 2002, India
A Bout de Souffle, 1960, France
The Idiots, 1998, Denmark
House of Flying Daggers, 2004, China
Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown, 1988, Spain
Bande A Part, 1964, France
Mother India, 1957, India
The Host, 2006, Korea
Battle Royale, 2000, Japan
Xala, 1974, Senegal
Orphee, 1950, France
Il Conformista, 1970, Italy
Run Lola Run, 1998, Germany
Andrei Rublev, 1966, Russia
Leningrad Cowboys, 1989, Finland
Loves of a Blonde, 1965, Czechoslovakia
Rififi, 1955, France
Goodbye Lenin, 2003, Germany
Ghost in the Shell, 1995, Japan
The Fourth Man, 1983, Holland
Yeelen, 1987, Mali
Way of the Dragon, 1972, Hong Kong
Delicatessen, 1991, France
Farewell My Concubine, 1993, China
Ran, 1985, Japan
Iron Monkey, 1993, China
Night Watch, 2004, Russia
Ones I've seen are in bold print. 38 is not as good as I had hoped. There are a lot of these I've never heard of. The ones I've seen are such that it makes me think well of the list. I'll see if any of them are at Spin Street when I go in from now on.


  1. I've only seen four and only one you haven't The Wages of Fear. Wage is so engrossing that I forgot I was reading subtitles.

    1. i hadn't heard of that one but will look for it. it does sound interesting. it looks like it's only available in a criterion edition, but they have sales on those every so often

  2. This is very interesting, I've seen all the Indian ones, and the German; and they're all worth being in this list. Which makes me want to watch the others too!

    1. yes, i'm a sucker for lists like these where i like the ones i've seen. it always gives me ideas for what i want to watch next.