Saturday, August 10, 2013

My Current Favorite House

I love the neighborhood, the zero lot, and the fact that the master bedroom and bath and the laundry room are all downstairs.

The price is higher than we want to pay, and it's a foreclosure so not likely to come down much. But I think it's pretty.

The photo comes from the Crye-Leike listing page.


  1. That really is a handsome house! Looks ready to just move in. And "central cooling", I can see how that would be necessary. Learned a new thing today: zero lot.

    1. there are no houses around here without cooling of some sort. you still see some window air conditioners, but almost everybody has central air and heat.

      yes, a zero lot would be great, i think. it's a stand-alone house, not attached to the next house like a townhouse would be; but there's no big yard to care for.

  2. Are you house hunting? I checked the link and the price is shockingly low compared to what it would fetch in our area. I am not sure I really understand the zero lot thing but not having a lot of landscaping to take care of sounds good.


    1. we are house-hunting, yes, but we've been house-hunting since mother broke her pelvis 3+ years ago. i moved in with her at that point while we tried to find a house we could all live in together (our current house doesn't have any bedrooms downstairs). i lived there a year before we found something, and then she decided she was unwilling to fully commit financially. turns out she really didn't want to live with us, but was fine with me living with her lol. we're still looking at houses, though.

      zero lots are houses on teeny tiny lots, with maybe a postage stamp-sized lawn or a flower bed in front and a patio-type space in the back. we currently live in a townhouse and love not having lawn maintenance responsibilities.

      we're in memphis, and i think houses (and salaries) are lower here in the south than in some other areas.