Saturday, August 24, 2013

Lichterman Center Meadow

The Lichterman Nature Center has 2 meadow areas. One of them (pictured above) is part of the Backyard Wildlife Center:

The other meadow area is reached by following these signs:

to this path:

The meadow is more overgrown than I've ever seen it. I don't know if this is part of some overall plan that involves mowing the whole thing and starting over every few years, but right now the plants are nearly twice my height. If they leave it, they'll eventually have a new forest area:

When the meadow was more open we used to see foxes and rabbits. While I was there yesterday I saw grasshoppers and butterflies:

The butterfly above wasn't actually in the meadow area. The meadow butterflies were too busy for me to catch. The butterfly in this photo was in the forest area.


  1. I actually came because I saw the painting by Dame Laura Knight. Before I could leave a comment, your next post was up. I swear you post more than anyone I know (grin).

    This must be an awesome botanical garden, or nature preserve. I'd be afraid of mosquitoes, since they seem to hunt me out. But obviously, you enjoyed the day and got lots of incredible photos. Beautiful nature shots, and a bit about another place in Memphis I'd never heard of.

    BTW, I loved your take on SUVs and their drivers.

    1. lol i aim at posting no more than twice a day. i write them, schedule them, and then review them before they post. i still find typos!

      the lichterman was the first nature center accredited by the american association of museums in the United States. we were so proud when it opened. the mosquitoes weren't bad yesterday, and i usually attract them. they've had a powerful spraying campaign here because of west nile virus in the area, so that may have helped. it was a hot day (high was 93, i think) but i loved it :)

      suvs are definitely un-cool!

  2. I forgot to tell you (because you asked) my rule of thumb is to remove NO MORE than three consecutive pages in a book, then leave at least six pages before removing more.

    1. thx! i'm interested in seeing how this is done. it sounds like there are advantages over scrapbooking, and my daughter is a scrapbooking enthusiast. she might be interested in branching out.