Friday, August 23, 2013

I Used to Be Cool

image from Cafe Press

seen on a bumper sticker on an SUV. I was never cool, being a nerd from way back, but I'm not sure how cool someone who drives an SUV ever could have been. SUV drivers can't even drive, seemingly unable to stay in their own lanes on the road or park in less than 2 parking spaces. So much not cool there, I can't believe any cool was ever there.

Random poor parking:

The pictures were taken in a single, small parking lot over the space of a day and were hardly the only examples.


  1. And the more expensive SUV's like the Caddilac Escalade tend to contain even worse drivers.

    1. yes, i've noticed that. i'd feel differently if they didn't usually contain 1 clueless driver and no passengers. why do they want those over-sized monsters on these urban streets?