Saturday, August 03, 2013

Chair Hunt

Our poor recliner is a venerable being. It has done more than could have ever been expected, lasting through over 30 years of cuddling, baby-rocking, sleeping, TV/video watching.... It is literally falling apart, and it must be replaced.

We've known this was coming for some time, and we've had an eye out for a suitable chair, probably another recliner; but we may get 2 chairs -one recliner and one not. We refuse to order a chair online, since The Husband and I each want to test it for comfort before we buy. All our furniture must be small in scale, as our place is small. We plan on making our final decision in time to buy early in 2014.

This is my favorite non-recliner so far (they have choices in upholstery):

It's the King Hickory Writer Chair, which we've seen at Bartlett Home Furnishings.

I also like one we saw at Scan, but it's not one I can curl up in. It's also not one I currently see available at their site. Hmmm... That's one of the problems with taking so long to look. Sometimes, by the time I've decided what I want it's not there any more.

Maybe we'll get 2 chairs, letting The Husband pick out a recliner and me pick out an armchair. He's tall and I'm so short, that might be the only way to do it.

And ottomans. We need ottomans....


  1. I'm like you. I refuse to buy anything online because I can't see it, feel it, touch it, inspect it for quality, etc. It's still good that you have an idea what you want, even though what you finally decide on may be gone.

    BTW, I'm short, too. I could pass for a child from behind. Love that you know the limits of furniture, because most is built around the 50th percentile, while you and your hubby are both apparently at the extreme ends of the bell curve.

    1. i've learned the wonder of pillows for making furniture more comfortable. it's amazing what a few throw pillows of various shapes and sizes can do.

  2. I once (in desperation) bought two sofas over the internet. They turned out well, but fell apart after ten years. Which was fine, considering they were IKEA´s cheapest. The ones we have now are inherited and will probably last our entire lives, and more. I resisted them for years, since they are very uncomfortable (if you have Hair; they have built-in neckrests) unless I use two or three pillows, so I know what you mean about trying something out properly, particularly when you are making an investment.

    I checked out the upholstery at Scan (funny, here we buy sausages at Scan...) and I really like their Cuddle Lounge. Perhaps it´s the name. Your choice looks very nice, very classy.

    1. i've heard that ikea is better than people might think. 10 years sounds pretty good, although we need ours to last ... oh, maybe 30 lol

      built-in neck and headrests always hit me much too high, so my head is pushed forward. i end up sitting on my feet or on pillows to make them fit. we have to be flexible.

      and yes, that cuddle lounge is fun looking, but it's much too large for our space. we need furniture that takes up as little floor space as possible. i'd love to suspend a porch swing in here, but there's just not enough room.