Sunday, August 11, 2013

Cafe Eclectic -Highland

The Daughter and I went to the original Cafe Eclectic location about a year ago and had an experience that didn't encourage our return. We never went back, because... well, why would we? This new location is right on our flight path, though, so The Husband and I went there for lunch recently. The service was excellent -fast and friendly. This we liked!

I had the chicken quesadilla and a single espresso, and The Husband had a hot dog. The espresso was excellent, strong, not bitter but smooth. The food was good, and the price wasn't too bad.

The Daughter and I went by there one morning and had breakfast. You know how they say that everything is improved by bacon? Well, I don't know about that, but the bacon/cheddar scone was great:

U District Memphis has great pictures of the interior. Yelp reviews are here. It hasn't been open at this location long, so reviews are still scarce.


  1. Gosh, dear. I wish you'd saved this for T Tuesday (grin). It is fantastic. And the scones look good enough to eat! Everything looks delish, and it appears you had a far better outcome at this location.

    1. i have a post with actual tea (i know, a shocker! lol) already scheduled for tuesday. ;)

      i'm sure my experience at the other location was atypical, but we just never chose to try them again. i've never heard other people complain. this new one is a wonderful addition to this neighborhood. it's down the street from the university of memphis, across the street from a church, on a main well-travelled artery where there's lots of bike and pedestrian traffic in addition to cars.... great location!