Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Whittard 1886 Blend Tea

The tea is Whittard 1886 Blend, black leaf tea, and is described on the package as "strong traditional". It certainly is strong and traditional. I like this tea. It's not at all bitter and has no aftertaste. Just a smooth, hearty tea. It was a gift from The Daughter, who knows we like such things.

The cup is quite large and is the Belvedere pattern fromWilliams-Sonoma. I have another cup and saucer in this pattern in blue.


  1. I'm a BIG fan of black tea. It has more caffeine, something I must have in large quantifies. Yep, I realize it's a drug, but at least it's legal (grin).

    That cup is very pretty, too. It seems you have a cup collection that would rival with many.

    Thanks for joining me for tea on Tuesday.

    1. i prefer black tea to other kinds, too. it's the kind of tea i grew up with.

      i have a soft spot for cups :)

      i really enjoy planning for tea tuesday posts. fun :)