Sunday, July 14, 2013

Memphis-Style Ribs Recipe

We don't cook our own ribs, preferring to have somebody like Central BBQ cook them for us, but the recipe at MemphisConnect sounds tempting. Very tempting. It emphasizes searing the meat and then very long, slow cooking.

The picture at the top of the post is from the Central BBQ website. Best Ribs Ever.


  1. Even this vegetarian got hungry seeing this photo.

    BTW, I forgot to mention, I have a yellow pot exactly like yours in the photo below. I'm relatively certain it's old, since I "inherited" it from my Grandmother (grandparents raised me). Wish I had the blue one instead, but yellow and green were my Grandmother's favorite colors.

    1. i got these from mother who got them from her aunt. there's another blue one that's still at mother's. i love them! i used to see these mccoy pots at antique malls but don't see them much any more. they came with a gold-colored metal frame that held them in a column, but the frame is long gone.