Friday, July 19, 2013

A Good Day to Die Hard

A Good Day to Die Hard is a 2013 film starring Bruce Willis. I tend to like Bruce Willis films, and I've seen all the others in this series. I wasn't expecting much, but I expected more than this. There were many explosions, and that's mainly what I was in it for. The humor wasn't as good in this one as it has been in some others, and I missed that. The bad-daddy theme (John McClane wasn't there for his kids when they were growing up *alas*) was annoying, and I do hope they don't continue that in the next one. I won't watch this again, but I'll watch any new ones that are released.


Slant Magazine gives it 1 out of 4 stars. Rolling Stone also gives it 1 out of 4 stars, calling it "total crap." Empire Online issues this verdict: "A few reasonable action sequences are mired in family soap, making this A Good Day To Call It Quits." /Film calls it a "really bad day for fans," says it "feels dismissive, and dumb" and says, "If there’s praise to bestow, it goes to Fox’s marketing department for making this dead-eyed bore look zippy and energetic, even if that illusion can only last for bare minutes at a time." calls it "idiotic but action-packed" and declares,
the aggressive stupidity of this movie is impressive. It’s not just that it’s an ugly fantasy of masculine dominance aimed at 11-year-old boys – or, more precisely, at adult men who wish to cling to the 11-year-old joy with which they first encountered this kind of movie – it’s also a fantasy that rests on the idea that you’re better off not knowing anything about the outside world because there’s nothing to know.
Roger Ebert says, "A quarter-century later, McClane has been stripped of any real traces of an actual three-dimensional character. We feel as if we're watching Bruce Willis in a Bruce Willis movie". Rotten Tomatoes gives it a 14% critics score, and the audience score is 42%.


  1. I was a Bruce Willis fan years ago but as time went on he lost me. Definitely won't bother with this.


    1. i have a son who picks these up as they become cheaply available used. i'll watch anything once ;) i would honestly prefer our aging action stars just find suitable roles and quit adding young sidekicks.

  2. If this had been the first there would not have been a second. There was nothing in this movie to make me care about the characters. I don't think it's about an aging Bruce Willis I think it's a mediocre story with poor directing. Red is coming out with a sequel that I'm looking forward to with Bruce and Helen Mirren as the retired secret agents. the first Red certainly showed there is a place for older action stars.

    1. yes, i agree!

      i think the "aging bruce willis" was why they brought in the young, stud son and focused on their relationship. not appealing, in my opinion. i'm looking forward to red2 and certainly hope they don't attach errant offspring to the actors....

      at least giving indiana jones a son served the purpose of bringing jones' one true love back into the plot.