Saturday, June 29, 2013

Three Guys Pizza Pies

The Husband heard about Three Guys Pizza Pies from a friend of his, and The Husband, The Younger Son and I went out to try it one night. There were plenty of tables available when we got there, but the place filled up as time passed. All the many televisions were tuned to some kind of rodeo/bull-riding event, so we got the impression we weren't exactly their target audience; but the service was excellent and very friendly.

We ordered the cheese bites appetizer, but I forgot to take a picture of it until it was almost gone.

I had a small green pepper and mushroom pizza, and 2 of the 6 pieces filled me up completely. I took the rest of it home, and The Daughter and I split it the next night. 3 meals out of 1 pizza is great! And the pizza tasted good, too.

The Husband had a small ground beef and Canadian bacon, and The Younger Son had a medium spicy sausage and pepperoni. They liked their pizzas every bit as much as I liked mine and were just as incapable of eating the whole thing. We've heard the calzones are good, too, so I plan on getting one of those next time. Their menu is online here.

Our total was over $50, including tax and tip.

It's on Stage out in Lakeland, which I always think of as home to a long-gone amusement park and a mostly-empty outlet mall and current home to white-flight suburbanites. And now, I guess, excellent pizza. It's hard to justify driving out there when we have Memphis Pizza Cafe so close, but we like going to places we've never been before in addition to old favorites.

Yelp has mixed reviews but most seem positive. Urban Spoon has an 84% score.

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    I give it a thumb's up!
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