Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Search for Earl Grey Continues

A long time ago, we enjoyed Earl Grey tea. We were partial to a blend we bought by mail order from Upton Tea. At some point the bergamot flavoring got much stronger, and we quit buying it. We occasionally try Earl Grey from a different company, hoping for the best.

I saw Harney & Sons Earl Grey Supreme tea sachets at the grocery recently and picked up a tin. The Husband likes it; I do not. It's still too strong for me. That's OK. I have plenty of other teas I like here.

The cup has been around as long as I can remember, and I can't even guess where it came from.


  1. That is a lovely cup. I am not a big fan of Earl Grey, but I have some in loose leaf form. Just think, though what you can do with that lovely tin once all the tea is gone!! Happy Tea Tuesday.

  2. Could you try mixing Earl Grey with some plain breakfast tea to get the bergamotte intensity that you like?

  3. thx, bleubeard and elizabeth. i think about bleubeard whenever i drink tea. my daughter says her cat wants tea whenever she has any. i think her cat will eat or drink anything if she thinks my daughter likes it. lol

    viktoria, i should try that! we've been using bagged tea lately, and we could just mix one of each together for a cup and see how it went. thx for that suggestion :)