Thursday, June 13, 2013


When I went to the Memphis Botanic Gardens to see the hydrangeas, there was a lot more to see. The lilies looked beautiful. My favorites are the regular orange field lilies, which they have at the edge of their woodland garden:

but they also have a formal lily garden:


  1. This post made me think of Sissinghurst´s White Garden, that I always wanted to see. And it occured to me that it´s just near Dover, where we will be staying for a few days this summer! Now, I only have to convince the husband... ;)

  2. Anonymous6:46 AM

    --A Pal

  3. i love the internet! i googled Sissinghurst´s White Garden and found a wikipedia article: . it says the castle garden was created by Vita Sackville-West, whose name is familiar to me but i'm not sure from where. the pictures at google's image search are beautiful!

  4. Vita Sackville-West was the lover of Virginia Woolf, and the novel "Orlando" was a kind of love letter to Vita. I have a tv-series on my shelf about her, "Portrait of a Marriage" from 1990, with Janet McTeer as Vita. She had an open marriage with Harold Nicolson, they both had same-sex affairs, but were very devoted to each other.

    "Orlando" was also made into a visually stunning film with Tilda Swinton.

  5. i've read orlando, so maybe that's it. i've never seen the movie, but i loved the book.