Sunday, June 23, 2013

June Flowers in the Cancer Survivors Park

I pass by the Cancer Survivors Park fairly often, and I stopped recently to take pictures of the wildflowers.

I love the way they manage the gardens in this park.

I saw a few butterflies and bumblebees, but didn't manage to get a picture of any.

The one difficulty is that there is absolutely no shade. But these gorgeous flowers seem to like it that way.

I got a bit carried away with the camera.


  1. I love meadows! They have almost disappeared in Sweden, since the small hold farmers are all gone, and it´s very much a farmed biotope over here. (A kind of farmed praire, I suppose.) Some are kept by heritage museums, some by historically inclined farmers and summerhouse owners. What a wonderful garden you have access to!

    1. this place is just a corner of audubon park. the botanic gardens is on the far side of the park. there's also a golf course and 2 lakes and a large picnic area with a fitness/walking track. this is a great park and holds fond memories for me from when i was a child. the cancer survivor park section is fairly new.