Sunday, June 23, 2013

Conan the Barbarian (2011)

Conan the Barbarian re-tells the story. It is fun viewing. I mean, I didn't expect deep philosophical insights. I didn't even expect 3-dimensional characters. I got what I expected: a loud action movie. I'm not complaining.


Slant Magazine gives it 1 out of 4 stars and says,
It's a crap movie that seems to have come by its crappiness honestly—the downtown version of Clash of the Titans, with no evidence of improvement, but swaying with a drunken confidence to get freak-nasty and give grown-up ticket buyers their money's worth.
Roger Ebert calls it "a brutal, crude, witless high-tech CGI contrivance". The spoilsport critics over at Rotten Tomatoes give it a rating of 24%.

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