Monday, April 16, 2012


Messiah, Apotheosis: Book Three is the 3rd book in S. Andrew Swann's space opera trilogy. Again, my complaint is that it -like book 2- starts off with an info-dump summary of the previous work, and I'd have preferred that to be in a story-thus-far section I could have easily skipped. That said, this has been a fun series.

from the back of the book:
In this final volume of the Apotheosis trilogy, the seemingly unstoppable alien AI Adam has cast his nano-cloud of destruction across the known universe. All who stand against him are turned to dust. All who accept him as their god are absorbed into his consciousness. And as solar system after solar system falls under his sway, there are only a few who old any hope of breaking Adam's stranglehold all sentient life.

In the heart of the Vatican waits a 'man' from the past who might point the way to a future beyond Adam....

The fleets surrounding the world of Bakunin will sacrifice what they must in a last-ditch effort to defeat the undefeatable....

And on Bakunin itself -amid a planetwide campaign of conquest- humanity's last hope may lie with Nickolai Rajasthan, a Moreau who has believed, all his life, that the human race that created his kind is already damned beyond redemption....

SF Signal closes its review with this:
Messiah is an excellent conclusion to a consistently good series and proves that S. Andrew Swann is one of science fiction’s most underrated authors.

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