Thursday, September 29, 2011

How to Murder the Man of Your Dreams

How to Murder the Man of Your Dreams by Dorothy Cannell is one of a series of mysteries begun with The Thin Woman. I've also read How to Murder Your Mother-in-Law. These books are all humorous & light, and I get a kick out of them. When I start going back to book stores, I'll be looking to pick up more of them.

from the back of the book:
Any day now, stay-at-home mum Ellie Haskell plans to slim down, kick the romance-reading habit, and resume her career. But not today, for when she arrives for the Chitterton Fells Library League meeting, she stumbles upon a corpse: Miss Bunch, the librarian, lies sprawled next to an open copy of The Dream Lover. Could she have been a victim of the library ghost, a man with a grudge against the romantic novels that kept his daughters forever holding out for the perfect suitor? It is a question that haunts Ellie - especially when a sexy male romance cover model hits town and strange goings-on begin. When a second mysterious death occurs, Ellie knows she must unmask the culprit...before she herself meets a sinister and decidedly unromantic fate!

Kirkus Reviews says, "The plot is porridge, the suspense nil, but lovers of English eccentrics and their archly comic antics will have fun with this one."

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    I hate this title! :o)

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