Saturday, January 16, 2010

A new Gormenghast novel

I interrupt this Star Trek Movie Marathon (well, it's not really a marathon, but still) to share the news from The Telegraph (via SFSignal) that there's a brand new Gormanghast novel:
Titus Awakes was written by Maeve Gilmore shortly after her husband's death from Parkinson's Disease in 1968. She decided to write the book, which runs to 210 pages, after he left her a page and a half of fragmented notes about how he might have continued the story.
Their son found it in the attic.

I need to get the first 3 books off the shelf and re-read them. But I have 3 stacks of tbr books next to my bed. Maybe I need to quit watching so many movies and go back to reading more.

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