Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hart's War

The Younger Son bought this DVD on mega sale used ages ago and decided to watch it as he started lunch. I was in and out during the film but didn't see the whole thing. He has read the book and talked some about the differences between it and this movie. He's reading John Katzenbach books as he comes across them and wants to see the films that have been based on them. Hart's War is a 2002 WW2 film that takes place in a German POW camp. Bruce Willis stars.


Roger Ebert has a mixed review. The New York Times describes it as a "morose and willfully dewy-eyed tale" and says it's "a movie that wants to be everything and adds up to nothing. ''War'' is a film that tries to excel on several levels and falls flat on all of them." Rolling Stone closes its review with this:
Director Gregory Hoblit (Primal Fear) is merely arranging cliches in new patterns until the surprise ending blows enough pro-military fervor up the audience's ass to make Colin Powell call a halt.

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  1. Anonymous6:17 AM

    Beware of the "Established Star paired with Emerging Star" movies. Avoid them like the plague. It's simply a Hollywood tactic used to either prop up a fading established star with one who's recently gotten hot, give a rising star a leading gig without the risk by pairing that star with an established talent who can open movies... or both.