Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Lucky Jim

Lucky Jim is the first novel by Kingsley Amis. I needed something light-hearted, and this book fit the bill.

from the publisher:
Kingsley Amis has written a marvelously funny novel describing the attempts of England's postwar generation to break from that country's traditional class structure. When it appeared in England, Lucky Jim provoked a heated controversy in which everyone took sides. Even W. Somerset Maugham reviewed the book, happily with great favor: "Mr. Kingsley Amis is so talented, his observations so keen, that you cannot fail to be convinced that the young men he so brilliantly describes truly represent the classes with which his novel is concerned."

Time Magazine includes it in their list of 100 best novels 1923-2005. The Washington Post considers it as part of "An occasional series in which The Post's book critic reconsiders notable and/or neglected books from the past." PBS has discussion questions. SparkNotes has a study guide.

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