Friday, August 08, 2008

Ozark Folk Center

This morning we went to the Ozark Folk Center. Having planned to spend the whole day there we were done by lunch time. I was impressed by their herb gardens and am inspired to make a container herb garden on our patio next summer. The instrument maker, the herbalists, the broom maker and the spinners were particularly informative and were respectful of visitors, but some of the other crafters were not so much. We were running from a couple of them, tired of the bad jokes and condescension. They could learn a lot from the attitudes of the demonstration crafters at the local annual Pink Palace Crafts Fair. We had lunch in their Skillet Restaurant and headed back to Mountain View.

In Mountain View The Husband and I got something to drink and looked at the clock shop while The Younger Son showed The Daughter some of what we had done yesterday. We went back to the fudge shop, because who can resist more fudge?

We kicked back at the hotel later and watched the opening ceremonies of the Olympics, where Tuvalu is competing for the first time.

The photo at the top of the post is from JD Treat's Flickr page.

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