Friday, August 29, 2008

Biden and Palin are both Christian

So why the heck did the MSNBC graphic I saw this morning list Biden's religion as "Catholic" and Palin's as "Christian"?

That's a bit inconsistent. If Biden is listed as Catholic then Palin ought to have her denomination listed. It's Assembly of God according to the information in the Alaska Assemblies of God Newsletter. If Palin is listed as Christian then Biden ought to be listed the same way. Sheesh!

Surely MSNBC doesn't mean to say they don't think Catholics are Christians, but that's the distinct impression given when you list religious affiliation of one candidate as Catholic and the other as Christian.

I just wish I could find a screen shot of the chart.

GetReligion has further info on Palin's denominational affiliation, and there is some confusion. Apparently, she attends an Assemblies of God church some but doesn't consider herself pentecostal and has her official membership at Church on the Rock, a non-denominational congregation founded in 2000. Their "doctrinal statement" is here. The sexist language hits me immediately. They appear to be Biblical literalists.

A more accurate description of her religion if Biden's specific denominational affiliation is listed would be "non-denominational Christian".

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