Thursday, March 06, 2008

A Draught for a Dead Man

A Draught for a Dead Man by Caroline Roe is the 6th book in a series of mysteries about a blind Jewish physician in medieval Spain.

from the back of the book:

Isaac has been invited to Perpignan for two reasons: to attend a wedding of his friend Davi's son and to heal Arnau Marça, a Christian knight and patient of Davi's who was badly injured during an attack. But as Arnau struggles to identify his enemy, an innocent apprentice is murdered. Perhaps he was mistaken for Davi-or even Isaac? Now, Isaac's uncanny ability to discern foul from fair, and Arnau's relentless will to survive, are their only armor against the possibility of more tragedy...

I don't see much about this series or its author online. It was a fine mystery, easy to read and lacking in gore and intense suspense. It was episodic, switching from character to character and from group to group a bit too often to suit me at the beginning of the book, but the author brought it all together soon enough. I don't like it well enough to buy the others in the series.

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